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Welcome to Bohol, Philippines!

(Most Popular Tourist Destination & Home of Most Hospitable Pinoy!!!)



When you are looking for private place, spacious away from busy hotels and resort rooms, then vacation house is good for you!!!  Where you can spend hours of reading and enjoying the tranquility of NATURE: fresh air, scenic sea view and green mountains…


If you want to spend your HOLIDAY in a quiet, serenade place this summer and any other time of the year, this cozy vacation house is RIGHT for you!!!  You can do anything like cooking your own food and taste.


This fully furnished 3-bedrooms house is strategically situated near the sea overlooking the Panglao and Pamilacan Island. It’s just 5 minutes drive from Tagbilaran City for best shopping and 15 minutes from Panglao Island row of beaches.


Its ambiance combination of native and modern arts, antique collections and paintings are displayed in living room, all furniture’s like chairs and tables are antique made.  Cool sea breeze blows thru the open windows made of rare white shell called “Lampirong Shell”.  So electric fans may not be in use but still fans are provided in all rooms and Master bedroom is air-conditioned for best comfort.  For complete relaxation of mind and body, Jacuzzi whirling tub is provided too in master bedroom! From terrace, you can have 180 deg view of the exotic blue sea that surrounds the Pamilacan Island, home of endangered Stingray fish and dolphins. In the night, while seeping cold beer, the sea offers romantic scene with the moon slowly appear from south east corner of horizon with its glittering light reflect the smooth sea!  This will serve as back draft of nearby fishermen’s’ lamps silhouette dotted in the sea some distance from the shoreline. Fish is abundant in this place haven of different species and mangrove where fishes lay their eggs seasonally is well protected from prey.   So, in the morning the fishermen vend their fresh catch fish where you can buy at and cook!!!!





Apartment rental:  US $200 per week and negotiable!

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* Sta. Cruz, Baclayon, Bohol, Philippines *